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The Real Face of Facebook

Tons of stories are told about facebook not knowing if they are all true, but all we can say is that cyber bulling, private information being shared, virus, scammers and people who abuse in many ways are all a threat to the community.

Although facebook stipulates that it’s for the usage of over 13’s, many of facebook user’s are underage and nothing seems to be done to find out if their lying.

Provocative Pictures are accessible to anyone at any time, people may put up a photo of them breastfeeding for an example, a perfectly natural thing but for a young child's mind, it is inappropriate for a social network supposedly used for just ’chatting’.

The main problems with facebook are identity theft, cyber bullying, stalking, viruses and criminal activity.

Every day someone presses the report button on facebook, but how do they deal with this? facebook were the only social networking site not to get a report button with a linked child protection company, so do they really deal with reports? Or do they just sweep it under the carpet and deny all allegations.

Millions of people use facebook all over the world, every day, every minute, every month. But do you really know the real face of facebook?

By Chantelle,Hannah and Katya



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