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Deciding on a career path is not an easy task.  At Collingwood College we believe that access to Information, Advice and Guidance is essential if a student is to make the correct choices about their future and aspire to the career that is right for them.  We work with students in a number of ways, from Year 7 right through to the time they leave Collingwood.  By being consistent in offering advice and guidance the experience becomes a more effective process and helps to better prepare students to make decisions, understand and meet the various demands they will face in employment, education or training when they leave Collingwood. 

Reviewing and developing the Careers Education Programme is something the College puts in high regard so each and every individual can progress effectively through learning and employment, helping them to reach their greatest potential.

Careers work at Collingwood is not merely distributing occupational information or providing guidance and advice about the world of work to students and parents in the final stages of College life, it is an integral part of the educational process that evokes a student to ask and find answers to the questions such as: "What opportunities are available to me?", "What do I want to do with my life?”  We try to make the students see Careers Education and Guidance as helping them to choose a well-informed path of life which matches their career aspirations.

We are now using Unifrog; an online careers platform.  The Unifrog platform is designed to support learners in making informed decisions about their futures and has a range of tools that are suitable for all year groups. Each student will have their own personal account that provides a wide range of information related to their interests and aspirations.

A continuous programme of Careers Education begins in Year 7 as part of the College timetable. 

The programme gently assists with the choice of subject options/pathways that takes place in Years 8 and 9.  

The Careers Education and Guidance Programme continues in Years 10 and 11 leading to the choice of subject options for the Sixth Form, further education, apprenticeships or employment at the end of Year 11. 

In the Sixth Form, the Careers Department assists students in making the choice between higher education, further education, apprenticeships or employment.  Assistance with applications to all forms of higher education is given mainly via the Sixth Form Personal Tutor team.

Careers guidance is also available from our Information, Advice and Guidance Co-ordinator at Collingwood College, who is qualified to offer students impartial information, advice and guidance and can help each individual with the various choices they will need to make as they progress from Years 7 to 13 and onwards.  Contact Mrs Clelland via email at  or call the College on 01276 457600. The Governor link for our Careers at the College is Edwina Brindle.

Please click here to view our current Careers Education and Guidance Policy.

 This useful and informative newsletter contains information about employers and universities. 








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