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The Team

Mr C Magness (Head of Social Sciences)


Our A Level Law course provides students with an understanding of the English legal system and the criminal (e.g. GBH, Murder) and civil law (e.g. negligence, psychiatric damage). In addition, students develop analytical, critical thinking and problem-solving skills, which helps in higher education, in the workplace and in everyday life.

The course develops excellent written and verbal communication skills, whilst finding out about real life issues.

Is It For Me?

Law would suit anyone with an interest in law and politics, or even just enjoys a lively debate or argument!  If the ability to write clearly or present oral arguments is a requirement for your post-16 option, having a Law A Level will give you a real edge.  The course affords an advantage to students who have to site Law admission tests in order to be accepted onto Law University courses.

We have a great track record of helping students get on to police courses and LLB law courses.  The latter is a precursor to the post graduate vocational courses required to become either a solicitor or barrister.

Students are inspired during their study of A Level Law, even though they may find it academically demanding.  They often comment that it has become their favourite subject.  In addition to learning law, they enjoy the practical application of the subject (being able to write written or even having verbal debates), which develops their problem-solving skills and encourages a critical evaluation of material encountered in their everyday lives.

The study of Law requires intellectual vigour, coupled with the ability to interpret and analyse legal matters. 

Curriculum Information