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Business GCSE


Business 1 – Business Activity, Marketing and People – 80 marks – 50% of GCSE

Business 2 – Operations, Finance and Influences on Business – 80 marks – 50% of GCSE

‚ÄčHome Learning

Students will be expected to complete, on a weekly basis, tasks of the following nature – Primary and Secondary Research, past paper questions and worksheets.  These should be approximately 30 minutes in length.

Students are advised to regularly look at the following useful websites:

How parents can help students

It would be very useful to the students if they had computer access, internet access and printing facilities. Parents could encourage their children to watch the news regularly and discuss current events.  It would be useful if parents discussed business related events with students.  It would also help students if parents took their students (where possible) to work with them for some practical business application.

Watching and discussing TV shows like The Apprentice, Dragon’s Den as well as watching the news will also help their studies.

Curriculum Information