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A High Performing Specialist Academy for Technology & Applied Learning

The Department

Mr J Beer (Head of Department)
Favourite Sport: Football
Best Sporting Moment: David Beckham's free kick against Columbia in the World Cup in 1998 ensuring England went through to the last 16.
Brief Description: Easy going, but can be a bit of a geek!
Interests: Road cycling and mountain biking
Sporting Hero: David Beckham
Favourite saying: "It's good sportsmanship to not pick up lost goal balls while they are still rolling."
Mr A Chauhan (Joint Head of Lower College)
Favourite Sport(s): Cricket and Football
Best Sporting Moment: Leicester City winning the Premier League 2015/16
Brief Description: Tall, grey and receding hairline
Interests: Sport and music
Sporting Hero: Viv Richards
Favourite saying: “It's better to lose one game 6-0 than six games 1-0.”

Mr J Cleary (Acting Head of Upper College)
Favourite Sport: Football
Best Sporting Moment: Scoring two goals in a game at (the new) Stamford Bridge 
Brief Description: Approachable, Humorous, Easy Going
Interests: Spending quality time with my children Joshua and Alesia, coaching and playing golf when my shoulder is fixed!
Sporting Hero: David Beckham
Favourite Saying: “To be fair……..I can do that better.”

Mr R San Emeterio (Progress Leader) 
Favourite Sport: Football
Best Sporting Moment: Scoring the winning goal at Stamford Bridge for my county.
Brief Description: Handsome
Interests: Sport and reading
Sporting Heroes: Xavi and Iniesta
Favourite saying: “ I'll do it in a minute.”

Miss A Adie (PE Exams Co-ordinator)
Favourite Sport:
Football, tennis, netball
Best Sporting Moment: Sunderland being promoted as Champions a long time ago!
Brief Description: Laid back but competitive
Interests: Sport, shopping, socialising with friends
Sporting Hero: Denise Lewis and David Beckham
Favourite Saying: “You're a good egg.”


Mr P Andrews (Year Manager)
Favourite Sport: Football
Best Sporting Moment: Being pitch side when Liverpool won the Champions League in Istanbul 2005 and shaking Steven Gerrard’s hand
Brief Description: Sporty, social, outgoing
Interests: Going to the gym, socialising with friends and spending time with my two boys.
Sporting Hero: John Terry - never been a defender like him
Favourite saying: “Fail to prepare, prepare to fail.”
Mrs P Daniel (PE Exams Co-ordinator)
Favourite Sport:
Basketball and Netball
Best Sporting Moment: Playing for England under 18
Brief Description: Friendly and laid back
Interests: Spending time with my family and watching sport
Sporting Hero: Michael Jordan
Favourite Saying: "I can accept failure, everyone fails at something, but I can't accept not trying."  Michael Jordan

Mr P Jarmyn (Deputy SENCO)
Favourite Sport(s): Football
Best Sporting Moment: Manchester United beating Newcastle to the premiership title.
Brief Description: Enthusiastic (has a 'can do' attitude)
Interests: Sport and socialising
Sporting Hero: Sir Steve Redgrave
Favourite saying: "We didn’t lose the game, we just ran out of time" and "it’s only Ray Parlour"

Miss K Robinson (Year Manager)
Favourite Sport: Rugby, cricket and golf
Best Sporting Moment: Scoring 50 runs for Hampshire Women’s CCC on my debut
Brief Description: Massively competitive
Interests: Training at the gym, playing and watching sport
Sporting Hero: Jonny Wilkinson
Favourite Saying: “Don’t wish it was easier, wish you were better!”


Miss S Sethi
Favourite Sport: Football and Tennis
Best Sporting Moment: Manchester United winning the Champions League final in 1999
Brief Description: Efficient
Interests: Playing tennis and pool, watching sport, shopping.
Sporting Hero: Serena Williams


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