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Students' Comments on English

  •  'English is good in Collingwood because I have learnt how to use correct grammar and I have improved.’
  • ‘I think this year in Collingwood I have learned a lot about punctuation. I think it's a good idea that we read at the beginning of every lesson.’
  • ‘English is really cool because you get to write stories, study poems and read.’ 
  • 'English is really enjoyable. It covers all areas, and each one is interesting and fun.’
  • ‘English makes me think a lot and becomes very useful when least expected.’
  • ‘English at Collingwood is interesting because it improves your reading and writing skills and increases your grammar and vocabulary skills.’
  • ‘English in Collingwood is helpful in everyday life because of the skills we learn about, and how to express yourself in words.'
  • ‘I like English a lot because I enjoy doing spellings, reading and I am quite interested in Shakespeare. Also I enjoyed poetry a lot.’
  • ‘I enjoy the things that we do in English, especially the Shakespeare project. I also enjoy group and class discussions.’ 
  • I have enjoyed this year, especially English. It has been great fun, as well as me learning and progressing in the subject.'
  • ‘So far I have studied “The Crucible”, which I found very interesting and the tasks were lots of fun.’
  • ‘Generally I have enjoyed our English lessons and assignments so far this year. Our teacher has encouraged us all and has improved my marks and increased my enthusiasm. “The Crucible” was interesting, and allowing students from the class to play the parts increased our attention levels. The media pieces were good and I especially liked the fairy tale writing.’
  • ‘So far English has been hard work with essays but my writing skills have definitely improved. Oral work has been fun. Role-plays and group presentations are also fun and you learn.'
  • ‘Work on media - I learnt a lot and the video commentaries were good. The poetry on Ted Hughes and general analysis - I learnt many different techniques such as alliteration and heroic couplets.' 
  • 'Doing English is like being a mountaineer, exploring and understanding unexplored territory.’
  • ‘If you open your mind English Literature can take you anywhere. Read and let the words convince you.’
  • ‘English Literature is a lot of hard work but at the same time is a lot of fun.’ 
  • ‘The two years of the English Combined course has been an enjoyable yet hard working experience. I have learnt a lot and expanded my knowledge of language as well as broadening my literature skills. The best part of the course was preparing and writing my extended essay which I found a very interesting experience.’
  • ‘Studying English Combined has been hard, yet provided me with knowledge on how our language has changed and developed; and it also taught me how to study books in greater depth. As well as this we have also enjoyed trips to the theatre which have been both educational and enjoyable.'
  • ‘English Combined is an excellent course covering many aspects of language and literature. Looking at the history of language is very enjoyable as you learn many other interesting ‘tit bits’ along the way.  Studying plays was another enjoyable part of the course as they force you to look at the wider picture, and not just accept things at face value.’
  • ‘Language change is probably the part of the course that most people find difficult; however, it is also interesting to see the way language has changed over time. Stylistics work allows you to look at all different types of text, from obituaries to adverts and to decipher what the writer was trying to say, and why the piece was written in the way that it was.’

Enrichment Activities:

Students of all ages are encouraged to become involved in a range of extra-curricular activities which complement the skills learnt within the curriculum such as writing competitions, the annual Year 7 Readathon, theatre visits, book clubs, public speaking and mock-court competitions, visiting writers, debating club/debating competitions and the Carnegie Award Book Club.

Curriculum Information