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Peer Opinions

Today, during the school report news day, we have been gathering the opinions of children (well teenagers) from our school on the state that Libya is in. We have got three opinions for you to read and you can find out what young teenagers really feel about one major thing that is happening in the world today. Libya is in a terrible state and in our school we have mixed feelings about how we should really be doing things. None the opinions stated here are meant to be offensive in anyway although they are opinions not facts so there may be some controversy.

I think the whole affair in Libya isn’t really our problem; they started it so they need to finish it. I don’t see why we came to help I know there’s probably some reason we help but we don’t really need to. Colonel Gaddafi is behaving similarly to a toddler. If he doesn’t get what he wants (in this case to rule without rebellion), he throws a massive strop (which is him bombing people because they won’t do what he says). I feel that Colonel Gaddafi is going too far; why doesn’t he just give up? He is just a bully! There is no way he is going to win. We can get pretty much everyone against him. Why even bother? It’s been like this for years, Gaddafi being in control, why don’t we wait till he leaves the throne before we change what’s going on there.

Connor, Age 14

We are going into Libya way too forcefully. We need to cool down just a little, this is too much pressure on such a small country that we will end up ruining it. I’m sure we don’t want it completely destroyed as I think it would be a lovely holiday destination if they can recover: lots of sun, nice beaches... I think that colonel Gaddafi is, to be fair, taking it well. He hasn’t cracked under the pressure yet so I admire him, but he is still doing a very bad thing.

Ben, Age 13

I think it’s good that we are helping the poor defenceless people in Libya; they need all the help they can get with Gaddafi controlling all the military. The only have each other to help and they can’t do much against an organised military. They’re not doing too well against Colonel Gaddafi but I’m glad that we have at least tried to help them. I can’t understand his opinion to stay in power, I know he’s been there a long time but surely he should stop with all this pressure. He’s not going to win this war, he has one army yet there are many against him. He’s lost. It just might take a while...

Stephen, Age 14

By Connor and Eliott

Curriculum Information