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A High Performing Specialist Academy for Technology & Applied Learning

Open Evening

Normally at this time of the year I would be inviting you to our Open Evening. This annual event gives parents an opportunity to meet our experienced staff, to see our specialist facilities and to learn about the wide range of courses that we offer. Most importantly it gives us the chance to showcase our students who are the best ambassadors for our College. During the Open Evening I would normally give three presentations summarising all the advantages of choosing Collingwood and students would talk about their positive experiences of the college. Our Open Evenings are very interactive and gives parents and students the opportunity to talk to staff and our students and, in many cases, participate in practical activities.


Many parents also often want an opportunity to see the College at work during a normal working day and join us on one of our early morning tours


Unfortunately, due to the present Coronavirus restrictions on large gatherings and visitors on site this will not be possible this year. This is as much of a disappointment to us as it is for you as we are very proud of Collingwood and always look forward to showing prospective parents and their children around the site to see our staff and students engaged in their lessons.


We are replacing these events with a combination of video presentations, a virtual tour and small group meetings with the Principal. Please click here to view our tour.  Of course nothing can replace the experience of physically visiting Collingwood but we hope that the alternative events that we are providing plus the published exam results, the most recent Ofsted Inspection report, our website content, our prospectus and, crucially, the very positive reputation of the College in the local community, will give you a significant amount of information to base your important decision of which secondary school to choose for your child/children.


I should point out that the College is currently over-subscribed in Years 7 to 9, with waiting lists, and we expect a high number of applications for September 2020. Please refer to our Admission Policy on our website for details of our admissions criteria.


I am passionate about the first class education that Collingwood can provide for all students – I hope that you will be convinced that this is the right place for your child.


Eden Tanner


Curriculum Information