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A High Performing Specialist Academy for Technology & Applied Learning

Key Staff

SENCo: Jessica Hawkemore 

I am the Special Educational Needs Coordinator (SENCo for short).  I am the teacher who is responsible for all the special educational needs at Collingwood College.  I work with other teachers and with parents and outside agencies to make sure that students with special educational needs get the right support and help they need at school.

I love animals and have two dogs and two cats.  I have travelled to a number of places around the world and have lived in Hong Kong.

Deputy SENCo and Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead: Mike Eaton

I am the Deputy SENCo and Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead for the child protection team.  I support the Senior Leadership Team, the Pastoral Team and the SENCo by assisting with any behavioural issues, as well as assisting the DSL with any child protection queries.

As an ex PE teacher I have a keen interest in sports in particular Football.

EAL teacher: Lauren McCann

I joined Collingwood in January 2007 as a member of the English Department and have since worked in a number of roles across different key stages.  Returning to College after maternity leave brought a move to the SEN Department to work with our high-need EAL (English as an additional language) students to support their developing language skills. 

Like most English teachers I love plays, films, poetry and above all reading.  19th Century novels are my favourite!

HLTA Inclusion and Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead: Debbie Rourke

I joined Collingwood in September 2012.  I support vulnerable students in the Accelerated Learning Centre.  Although it is, at times, challenging there are huge rewards.  Another part of my role is overseeing the Inclusion Centre.  Luckily, I have a good sense of humour which definitely helps.  I love being part of the Collingwood team and I am lucky to have amazing LSAs who support me and our students. 

I am also a Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead, supporting the DSL and other DDSL with child protection queries.

I have three children who keep me busy.  I love animals; I have five cats and two rabbits.  I also enjoy travelling and try to get away as much as I can.

HLTA Maths: Catherine Chapman

I have worked within the SEN Department at Collingwood for four years, initially as a Learning Support Assistant and now as a Higher Level Teaching Assistant.  I primarily work with the Maths department, leading a small team of LSAs.  Every day brings new challenges and experiences and I find it rewarding to see how students develop academically by increasing both their enjoyment and confidence in Maths.

Maths was my favourite subject at school and I feel lucky that I am able to contribute to the progress of future generations in this area.  I have been lucky enough to continue my studies here and have taken GCSE Statistics this year as a bit of fun and professional development. 

Outside of work I am a busy mother; my children keep me occupied with their sporting and social activities.  With my spare time I like to express my creativeness by upcycling old furniture.  I also enjoy walking my dog and socialising with friends.

HLTA English Intervention / Science: Julie Jennings

I am attached to our wonderful Science Department.  I work with a team of dedicated LSAs and you will find us in lessons across the department.  As a team we work towards building working relationships with the students and in doing so provide them with another port of call should they have any concerns about their studies.

I have worked at Collingwood for two years now and have been part of the Science Department for one year.  I love the variety in my work and it is a pleasure to be part of the students’ learning environment.  The students are definitely the best thing about Collingwood although the staff are pretty good too.

At home I have a wonderful family and we are very committed to spending time together.  I have five sons and two amazing grandchildren.  I also have a very energetic German Shepherd and an extremely crazy cat – never a dull moment at home either!

Inclusion Manager: Nikki Woolven

I joined Collingwood in April 2008 as an LSA and after two years I moved into the Inclusion Centre.  My role is to support students with their work and to help them understand why they have been included.  They are provided with a safe and calm area where they are encouraged to contemplate the behaviour that is expected of them in their day-to-day school life.  I am a very patient person and enjoy the challenges the Inclusion Centre brings.

When I am not working I have a busy life with my two children, mostly as a taxi driver!  I love listening to music, watching movies, walking and meeting with friends.  I hate gardening and can’t understand why my plants die and the weeds grow!


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