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Employer Information

Welcome to the Collingwood Employers' section.  If you are an employer that wants to partner with us you can do this in several ways.  We are always willing to talk to organisations that can offer experiences of their workplace to our students, work experience and interview skills development.

Opportunities for Access

A number of events, integrated into the College's careers programme, will offer providers an opportunity to come into school to speak to students and/or their parents/carers. 

Talks can take place live over Teams to a class or year group.  Also, p re-recorded talks or video’s can be shown.


A provider wishing to request access should contact Mrs Emma Clelland (Careers Lead).

Telephone: 01256 457600


Premises and Facilities

The College will make the hall, classrooms or private meeting rooms available for discussions between the provider and students, as appropriate to the activity.  The College will also make available AV and other specialist equipment to support provider presentations.  This will all be discussed and agreed in advance of the visit with the Careers Lead or member of the Pastoral Team.  Providers are welcome to leave a copy of their prospectus or other relevant course literature for student access.

Curriculum Information