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Art Students Visit the Tate Modern

On Friday 9 January a large group of GCSE Art students enjoyed a visit to the Tate Modern.

On Friday 9 January a large group of GCSE Art students enjoyed a visit to the Tate Modern on a very bright sunny day. This meant we could all take in the stunning skyline of central London on our walk along the river.

Our first project in Art is based on the built environment and the trip also provided the opportunity to see a fantastic array of architecture including The London Eye, St Paul’s and The Shard.

The timing of this visit, to one of the world’s finest galleries of modern art, proved invaluable as students have just received their GCSE exam paper and this meant they could research the work of artists linked to their chosen question.

The themes this year are wide ranging and offer a fantastic chance for work to take off in a number of exciting directions. They are Food, Human Condition, Fantastic and Strange, Spirals, Mixed-media, Mark Making and Rituals.

It did not take long for students to find work that linked to their theme and they soon set about sketching sculptures, sections of paintings and making notes.

This kind of visit means students receive positive feedback from the exam moderators who acknowledge the importance of students seeing art first hand.

Since our return to College the students have been busy presenting their excellent range of photographs, notes and sketches in to their exam books. Consequently the trip has proved highly successful on a number of levels.

Mrs Witt - Head of Art Department

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