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Year 8 Student Commended for WW1 Poem

Congratulations to Charlotte Jones (8B) who received Special Commendation from judges for her poem about WW1. 

Congratulations to Charlotte Jones (8B) who received Special Commendation from the judges for her poem about WW1.  Charlotte collected her prize at an event Surrey Heath Museum held in Camberley Mall on Saturday 15 November.

First World War – a Poem

Austria and Hungary declared war on Serbia
Russia was their friend, so they defended her
Germany stepped up and sent troops to war
France joined in and demanded more
Britain, friends with France, decided to take action
Bound by a treaty, Britain had to take direction
Three years later, America joined in too
So many countries, the war grew and grew

It was called The Great War or the World at War
So many lost their lives, what was it all for
Anger and loss, tears and pain
Did it resolve things, all for what gain
Sad times, the world in divide
What was it all for, what did they decide

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