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Technology Department Celebrates Compulsory Food Education

Collingwood is celebrating food, cooking and nutrition being made compulsory this year for all students.


Collingwood is celebrating food, cooking and nutrition being made compulsory this year for all students as part of the new National Curriculum and School Food Plan starting in 2014.  Head of Technology, Mrs Marshall, is very happy that it has been recognised how vital food lessons are for students’ health and well-being.

Students learn about where food comes from, how it is grown and produced, how it is prepared and cooked, and the science behind nutrition, food safety, cooking and taste.  In Year 7 we focus on healthy eating and how students can improve their diets, particularly eating more fruits and vegetables.  In Year 8, they learn a wide range of cooking techniques and cuisines from around the world.

Co-Principals, Mrs Griffiths and Mr Tanner, said: ‘At Collingwood we have always recognised the importance of teaching all our students to cook simple meals from raw ingredients so we welcome the increased focus on where our food comes from and the benefits of a healthy diet.  We are therefore delighted that food, cooking and nutrition are now compulsory for all students as we believe that the knowledge gained through these subjects is essential for students to live a happy, healthy and active lifestyle’.

GCSE food in the forms of Catering and Food Technology are favourites in our College and we have excellent results (Catering 92% A*-C and 42% A*A, Food Technology 76% A*-C and 34% A*A).  It gives students an opportunity for further study and a wide range of careers from catering to food science or nutrition.  We take great pride in providing education with a good balance of academic and personal well-being.  We think it is very important that our students develop into healthy young adults and that we do all we can to reduce the obesity epidemic through developing a love of good healthy food and an active lifestyle”.

Schools across the South East are supporting each other through online networks like the Food Teachers Centre, and programmes like School Food Champions.

Mrs Marshall - Head of Technology Department

Curriculum Information