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Football vs Rugby

Years 12 and 13 students participate in a Football vs Rugby match.

During the lunchtimes of Friday 5 July and Monday 8 July some of the Years 12 and 13 lads took part in a Football vs Rugby match.  The contest consisted of a half an hour game of each sport. 

The football team where outnumbered but fought bravely against a team of very talented rugby players. Despite some heroic tackling from the likes of Jake Whittaker and Luke Foster, tries from Olly Stewart, Mac Duaibe, Adam Pickett and Rufus King resulted in the thrashing of the football team by 9 tries to nil! The moment of the match without doubt has to be Mac Duaibe picking up Richard Lyons and running with him over his shoulder for 10 m before dumping him on the ground!

Next came the football match which finished with a 5-0 win for the football team, with goals coming from Olly Owen (2), Luke Foster (2) and David Short.  It was a hard fought, very up and down game, with both sides working hard to win the ball.  Moment of the match has to be Olly Owens 20 yard curling shot into the bottom corner to further extend the footballers lead.

The combined final score was 9-5 to the rugby team.  Many thanks to all the lads who took part, for their fantastic effort and commitment in both matches!

Jamie Aslett - Year 12 Student 

Curriculum Information