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Olympic Committee News

Collingwood Olympic Logo shown across the BBC network and featured on the official London 2012 Facebook page.

Hello there.  I am here to update you on what’s been going on recently in the Collingwood Olympic Committee.  Tuesday 24 April was obviously our biggest day, making the World’s biggest Olympic logo out of 2012 people. We thank you for taking part.  Since then, the picture has been shown many times across the BBC network and it also featured on the official London 2012 Facebook page.

As well as that, our Committee has also been distributing an extraordinary amount of Friendship and Inspiration wristbands.  Our next band (Courage and Determination) will be released soon.  To get a Friendship band, you just needed to be nominated by a friend, who would email us at, but for the Inspiration band it was slightly different - students would have to write a paragraph about someone who inspires them and then it would be placed on the Inspiration Wall.

At the time of writing we’ve had over 350 nominations for Friendship bands and our number of Inspiration bands distributed is nearing 100. The Committee is really excited about taking part in many other competitions leading up to the games, and now with the torch in the country and the games nearing, it’s an exciting time for everybody involved in the Committee.

Nick Ransom - 10H
Olympic Committee Member

Curriculum Information