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Status Racing Achieves Best Ever Placing at the Final

6th place gained in this year's Greenpower international final at Rockingham!

On Saturday 6 October the Status Racing team travelled to Rockingham Motor Speedway near Corby, for the Greenpower International Final. This is where all teams that have competed over the past year get together and race in order to decide the season’s results.  We had qualified 5th out of the 250 cars in the series, so hoped to at least retain the 7th position that we gained last year.

With the minibus unpacked after the 2 hour journey from Collingwood, the team prepped the car for scrutineering and got in the queue early to ensure that we got into the practice session on time.  Scrutineering went well, although the rain and wind had started to pick up – it was clear that the weather was taking a turn for the worse.

With the batteries put into the car, we set out early for practice for Races 1 and 2 to get a feel for the track.  However, after the first driver came in, it became apparent that we faced a choice between running for the rest of practice as planned, or stopping early in order to keep the drivers and race suits dry for the first race.  In the end we decided on the latter, and quickly started drying all the race suits that had got soaked during the time on the track.

After practice had officially ended, we got the car out on the grid for Race 1.  We had a fairly successful start to the race, always staying within the top 10 positions. However, this all changed when we had around 20 minutes left on the track with the car slowing to a near walking pace.  This was a bit surprising, as we had tested the gearing ratio that we were running before on the same track and had reached the finish perfectly fine, but with the rain bombarding the front of the car and lowering our efficiency, we decided that a lower ratio was needed for the second race.  We had come in 14th place on Race 1, but were not deterred, as only our best distance between the two races was the one that counted.

As we pushed the car onto the grid for Race 2, the rain persisted, but started to ease off slightly, which was a welcome relief for everyone.  However, as the flag was dropped for the start of the race, the car did not start. Luckily quick thinking from Ben saved the day, as he swiftly restarted the isolator switch and the car sprung back to life.  After that, the car ran perfectly, going even faster than in Race 1, which was a real surprise considering the slower gearing ratio, though this very likely gave us more of a push up the hills of the track. Two driver changes later, the car was still running up to speed and we crossed the line in 6th place having travelled 38.6 miles.  This secured us an overall 6th place, meaning that we yet again managed to top our previous year’s result!

A big thanks to all of our sponsors and support, the team for helping on the day and a special thanks to Mr Winter for giving up his time to run the club.

Ben Wright - Team Leader (13PD)

Curriculum Information