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24 February 2021

Dear Parent/Carer

Return to College (please read in full)

I am sure, like all of us here, that you were pleased by the Prime Minister's announcement on Monday that students will be returning to College from Monday 8 March.

Schools have been given discretion to stagger the return of students to enable the first of the tests to occur before students return to onsite provision. The subsequent two tests will then follow once students have returned to normal lessons. Following these three tests we will then supply thousands of home tests kits for students to be tested twice per week at home.

As I am sure you can appreciate this is a huge logistical task which requires almost 6,000 tests to be undertaken on site.  Therefore, we are planning a phased return by Year Groups in order for us to be able to do this and the table below outlines the plan.  Government guidance has requested that we prioritise years 10 to 13. On the day of testing students will need to make their own transport to and from College and will only be onsite very briefly to take the test and then go immediately home. As these tests will be taking place throughout the day there will be work set on OneNote for these students on these days. Year Groups not involved in the testing will access remote learning in the normal way.

We will also continue to provide the onsite provision for the children of Key Workers and vulnerable students on Monday 8 March, Tuesday 9 March and Wednesday 10 March for those students not in Year Groups being tested on those days

We appreciate that a staggered start is not ideal and that we are all keen to see students return as soon as possible, but we also hope you understand the delicate balancing act of ensuring College resumes as quickly and safely as possible.

Year Group

Test 1 Date

(no College uniform required)

Date returning to College for normal lessons (coaches will be running)

Remote learning details

Years 11/12/13

Monday 8 March


Tuesday 9 March

Years 11/12/13 to complete work on OneNote on Monday 8 March when not involved in testing

Years 9/10

Tuesday 9 March

Wednesday 10 March

Years 9/10 to access Remote learning on Monday 8 March and to complete work on OneNote on Tuesday 9 March when not involved in testing

Years 7/8

Wednesday 10 March

Thursday 11 March

Years 7/8 to access Remote learning on Monday 8 March and Tuesday 9 March and to complete work on OneNote on Wednesday 10 March when not involved in testing



Test 2 Date


Thursday 11 March


Friday 12 March


Monday 15 March



Test 3 Date


Tuesday 16 March


Wednesday 17 March


Thursday 18 March


In order for students to participate in the testing programme, we must have received a signed consent form. Testing is optional but recommended in order to help all students and staff return to College as safely as possible.

Students in the Sixth Form will receive an email invitation shortly to complete their own consent form. All other parents were sent a link to their consent form in December. Many thanks to those parents who have returned the form. If you have not already done so, please refer to that email and complete the consent form by Sunday 28 February.

Face Coverings

Please note that it will now be compulsory for staff and students to wear face coverings inside buildings, including classrooms, until Easter when the government will review their guidance-more detail next week. 

I will confirm timings and venues for the testing next week, as well as updating you on the other measures/changes in place to ensure a safe return and any other key updates.

Change of reporting dates

As our March reports reflect student engagement with remote learning we will be publishing them on Edu Link earlier than the advertised date of 24th March as follows:

3 March - Years 7, 8,12 & 13 
10 March - Years 9 & 10 
17 March - Year 11 

Mr Tanner - Principal

Curriculum Information