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17 June 2020

Dear Parent/Carer


Planning for the Reopening of Schools


Planning for the return to the College site of a small number of Years 10 and 12 students is ongoing and we have produced a detailed Risk Assessment that we will share with you shortly.  I hope that parents will be reassured by the actions the College is taking to ensure a safe environment for all.


You may have seen that in yesterday’s DfE update the government have suggested that schools arrange a ‘face-to-face’ meeting with a member of staff for all Years 7 to 9 students to discuss their engagement in remote education, their wellbeing and academic progress. Given the three days of our Engagement and Wellbeing procedures this week it was good to see that we are well ahead of their thinking!


September Planning


We are still waiting for further clarity from the government as to what we should be planning for in September. Unless they change the social distancing and ‘bubbles’ guidelines (i.e. that groups of students should stay in the same group and not generally mix with others) then it seems inevitable that some kind of ‘blended learning’ will continue in September, with all students having a mixture of onsite lessons and remote education.  If this is the case, then our current practice and provision will place us in a very good position to deliver this.  Of course, the government may change their guidance…


One thing that Head Teachers have told the government is that a lot of anxiety and stress for students, parents and schools could be reduced if they published their thinking on how they are going to adapt the exam procedures next year in the light of the enforced lockdown and ongoing disruption to Years 10 and 12 students’ education.  Head Teachers continue to raise this issue with our MPs and Union representatives in the hope that some news will be published soon.


INSET Days - Friday 26 June and Monday 29 June


Advance notice that our onsite provision and lessons for all year groups will be suspended on these dates as all staff will be required to participate in two days of training on remote education, which is the predominant form of provision for all our students at the moment and possibly in the Autumn term depending on government guidance.


Staff will not be setting work for these two days but will be planning ahead for a “Recovery Curriculum” ready for September.  Students will be encouraged to complete independent revision work, utilise work set on the Oak National Academy and read for pleasure.


Take care and I hope you and your families continue to keep well. 

Curriculum Information