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29 January 2020

Debating Team Success

Congratulations to Mr Baird and the debating teams for their fantastic performance last Saturday in the International Competition for Young debaters held in the Oxford Union (more information from Mr Baird above).  This result is a brilliant achievement for the College and for the students concerned given the quality of the schools that we are competing against. We wish them all the best for the finals in April!


The College is committed to ensuring full student compliance with our uniform rules.  We believe our uniform plays a valuable role in contributing to the ethos of the College and allows all students to feel equal to their peers.  Please find below two sections from our College Uniform Policy regarding our expectations and procedures and I would ask that you support us in our efforts to maintain the highest possible standards.

‘All students must wear the correct College uniform at all times during the College day.  This includes to and from College, as well as during some College organised events that occur outside the normal College day.  All students, supported by their parents, will take personal responsibility for the presentation of their uniform and will ensure their uniform is worn correctly and consistently.’

Uniform Procedures

  • Form Tutors will check uniform during registration and ensure students are appropriately dressed to start the day, e.g. polo shirts tucked in.  Where students are wearing inappropriate items of uniform, Form Tutors will send them to Year Managers (YM) or Progress Leaders (PL).  YMs/PLs will exchange inappropriate items for correct uniform (which should be returned at the end of the day).  This uniform will be clean and in the case of black shoes, will be treated with anti-fungal spray as used at bowling alleys.  Year Managers will record this on student records.  (If a parental letter is received this will be noted, but the exchange will still happen.)
  • If students refuse to wear the uniform that is provided, this will be dealt with as defiance; the student will be sanctioned and be taken out of general circulation or included. They will only return to normal lessons when they are wearing the correct uniform and have completed the sanction. When students cannot be provided with a replacement, a note will be provided by a senior member of staff to excuse their infringement and the student will be kept out of circulation at social times.
  • Subject staff will check uniform at the start of every lesson and record the names of any students with incorrect uniform on students’ records on SIMS. • Staff will stand at the door of their classroom at the end of registration/lesson and dismiss students whilst enforcing uniform expectations
  • The Senior Leadership Team will reinforce these expectations at every opportunity – incorrect uniform will again be recorded on a student’s record.
  • Year Managers will carry out regular monitoring of uniform at the end of assemblies or on a scheduled morning.
  • Where appropriate parents will be invited in to discuss persistent regular uniform infringements. 
Curriculum Information