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A High Performing Specialist Academy for Technology & Applied Learning

Maths and Science

Welcome to the Maths and Science Faculty

Head of Mathematics: Mrs L Brockett
Head of Science: Dr S Adams

We are a Faculty of 11 Maths teachers and 15 Science teachers, all of whom are fully dedicated to raising standards and enthusing students with a life-long enjoyment and appreciation of Maths and Science.

Our Maths Department is based in the Barossa building, whilst the Science Department operates out of both the Kingston and Barossa buildings – having 10 laboratories in Kingston and 4 in Barossa.  Learning is supported by a range of specialist and industry-standard software.

All Maths and Science staff engage and interest students in their classes so students become motivated to achieve high grades. This is assisted by the setting of students in order that they are working with others of similar abilities.  In addition to the curriculum, the Maths and Science Faculty is committed to providing enrichment activities such as Maths Master Class and Maths Challenge for our more able students as well as Maths support sessions after College for Years 9 to 13.  Whilst Science students enjoy Science Club, lots of practical work, role play, interactive and hands-on activities with organised visits to the Tirabad Education Centre and Surrey University.

Curriculum Information