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Collingwood Sixth Form

On Wednesday 26th September, Eagle Radio tutor Jack Johnson hosted a seminar to Year 12 and 13 regarding online, social media laws and ethics.

The session laid down the guidelines around being safe on social media and the consequences that can occur if the laws concerning the safety of ourselves as well as others were broken. The interactive session got everyone involved through Jack taking us through true scenarios that have resulted in many young people receiving disciplinary action from their inappropriate use of social media. The scenarios included the topics of extremism, cyber-bullying and underage sexting. This section allowed us to discuss the multiple choice answers provided for the scenario outcomes. The majority of the correct answers were not ones we could have predicted. The sentences given to some young people shocked us as an audience of a similar age to those convicted and surprised us as to how the improper use of social media can effect someones life going forward. 

The second part of the seminar involved working as a group to read through different statement examples that were posted and judge whether it was criminal, civil, rude or safe. This exercise allowed us as a sixth form to express our individual opinions regarding what category we believe each statement fitted into. Some statements included personal comments towards people in the public eye, such as Beyonce, or peoples opinions towards certain places. This highlighted how one opinion expressed online can effect someone or something’s reputation when it comes to their future job opportunities or whether people will still visit that place. 

The session provided us with new knowledge towards the laws that surround social media and how comments made can affect others which are at first perceived harmless but in reality can affect you or someone else’s life in the near future.