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The Olympic Progress 2012

All of the people we interviewed said that they thought it was totally inappropriate that such an event like this is being charged like that.

Many people are excited but are they excited about the Olympics or the fact they are in London? The answer is varied but many seem excited about both. Most of our interviewees said 

they would like to go to see the Olympics but don’t know if they will be able to because of ticket prices or ticket demand. Some people may not even get tickets, let alone be able to afford it.

The stadiums are coming along nicely but some people worry if they will be ready in time. Other people say that the stadiums look good but they have cost the government too much money especially considering the recession. As for the location one of our interviewees said “Olympics can’t be anywhere else in Britain really so I think London is the ideal place”.

As we know, to get the Olympics publicity up there has been a significant increase in sports in schools. We think, and many people agree with us, that this is a good thing.

By: Tasha, Molly, Sasha, Georgie, Fran and Tara

Curriculum Information