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Learning for Enterprise

Every subject has a role to play in developing the knowledge, skills and attitude students need to become enterprising.

Maths - financial capability is underpinned by numerical skill. Numerical abilities are also essential to many decision making approaches

Art - creative thinking is essential for the enterprising individual. Art also develops the ability to visualise, plan and communicate ideas.

History – the ability to carry out research, evaluate information and weigh up a variety of perspectives is central to make a good decision.

Geography - understanding of industry and economic development are essential to enterprise. Skills in social enterprise can also be developed.

Science - scientific breakthroughs are increasingly the source of entrepreneurial activity. Students need both scientific spirit and discipline.

PRC - tolerance and an acceptance of human diversity mean that the enterprising individual works with others, not against them.

PE- enterprising people rarely work alone. PE develops the leadership and team-working ability needed to ensure your objectives are achieved.

Technology - problem-solving, working to design briefs, developing a marketable product, critiquing your ideas - an enterprising subject in every way.

Drama – students need the confidence to present to an audience and the presence to hold their attention.

English - writing is an essential tool of the entrepreneur, constructing convincing arguments and succinct requests under pressure.




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