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College Council

Structure of the College Council

From each Year Group Council, 2 representatives are chosen to sit on each of three sub-committees which mirror the Governors’ committee meeting structure. Issues from Year Council meetings are referred to the appropriate sub-committee and actions/developments are communicated between these groups. The activities of the student sub-committees are aligned to the work of the Governing Body therefore opening up the possibility of a widening of student influence on decisions taken at meetings of the relevant Governors’ Committees.

Student Wellbeing Committee

This committee looks at rewards, sanctions, leadership and related themes.

Supported by Mrs Akbar-Phillips (Assistant Principal), Mr Cleary (Assistant Principal) and Mrs Everson (Assistant Principal).

Student Curriculum Committee

This committee looks at learning and teaching, student research and related themes.

Supported by Miss Crocker (Vice Principal), Mr Webster (Senior Assistant Principal), Mrs Wright (Assistant Principal) and Mr Chauhan (Assistant Principal).

Student Resources Committee

This committee looks at facilities, publicity, charities and ECO issues.

Supported by Mrs Warren (Business Manager).

Student Executive Committee

Two student members from each of the three sub-committees plus the Head Boy and Head Girl form the Executive Committee. They coordinate activities and monitor progress and feedback to SLT and Governors.

Each group has appropriate Governor and 6th Form representation. By linking members of the SLT to each committee it ensures those that have the authority to 'make things happen’ play an active part, with students, in ensuring progress on the key issues identified.

Dates for meetings are set in the calendar with a Year Group/Sub-committee/Executive committee cycle of meetings occurring each half term. 

A summary of the key issues and resulting actions for the Spring and Summer terms 2017 are shown below:

Spring Term


WE DID……..

The toilets are unregulated and smelly!

Increase staff presence by the toilets during break and lunch time.  Duty team leaders have been made aware.  Site team to check toilets regularly.

More Food is needed and there are hygiene issues

Arrange for the Catering team to attend the next Resources Committee.  Report back to the students the outcomes of this meeting.

Teachers are not sticking to the home learning timetable

Ask Heads of Department to check that all teachers are following the home learning timetable.  Also, for teachers to ensure all their students had this written in their planners.

Students feel they get inconsistent marking

Raise the profile of marking with staff which is part of an on-going programme of improvement across the College.  Newsletter items and assemblies have been run to clarify that feedback will be given to students in a variety of ways and how often to expect their work to be marked.

Students feel there is too much focus on students with behavioural issues

Ask teachers to use the classroom behaviour plan more consistently. To ensure three praise points are issued each lesson and for Super7.  Sixth Form mentors to support KS3 classes.

Teachers are not following all the College rules!

Ask teachers to use the one way system, especially at changeover times.


Summer Term



More choice in the charities supported by the college.

Generate an on-line survey on the portal for students to select whole college charities for next year.

Fair allocation of praise points by all staff.

All staff to be reminded of the College policy on issuing praise.

More practical technology lessons.

Raise the issue with the Technology Department.

Students are misusing their mobile phones during lessons.

Focus on behaviour after half term to address and clarify appropriate mobile phone use and sanctions for their misuse. Assemblies have been planned for after half term.

Some students cause low level behaviour in classrooms disrupting the learning environment

Focus on behaviour after half term to remind staff and students of the classroom behaviour plans.  Assemblies have been planned for after half term.

In class student voice does not always reflect a majority view.

Look at increasing the opportunity for students to do on-line student voice.

Can gluten free options be available in the canteen?

Explore options with catering company.

Low attendance to student committees was evident.

Copy Form Tutors into emails going to student committee representatives.

The work of the wellbeing council is recognised and discussed with students.

Consider re-naming the student welfare committee to wellbeing.

College Council Structure


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