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Staff and Students Commemorate WW1 Centenary

Today, all students and staff are participating in numerous events/activities to commemorate the WW1 Centenary.  Reports will follow in next week's newsletter!!

Activities/events to commemorate the WW1 Centenary include:

  • Students and staff will make a poppy which will form a display in the College.  Each poppy will bear the name of a fallen soldier (e.g. a relative who died in WW1, a soldier on a local memorial).  Over 2000 soldiers should be honoured on this day.
  • A play 'Your Country Needs You' will be staged.
  • Trench digging (visit to Minley Barracks)
  • War poetry and letter writing
  • Make do and Eat!
  • Propaganda posters
  • Oh! What a Lovely War - play The Last Post
  • Code breaking
  • Children in the war – visual ‘time capsules’
  • War art – mural, clay poppies
  • Christmas football.
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