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Year 8 Enterprise Days

Year 8 students visit Shakespeare's Globe Theatre.

For this November’s Enterprise Days the Communications Faculty were thrilled to find out that we would be working with Year 8. Knowing what a fantastic bunch they all are we thought that an enterprising treat would be fitting…and what better place could there be than Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre?

On Thursday 22nd and Friday 23rd, approximately 272 students were lucky enough to leave the College behind and embark on a journey back in time. Upon arrival at London’s South Bank the students walked along the banks of the River Thames and saw many fabulous sights including Tower Bridge, the Millennium Bridge and the Tate Modern.

Arriving at the Globe, we were split into small groups and each given a personalised tour of the theatre where we learnt a variety of interesting, disgusting and funny facts! Did you know, for instance, that the colour purple was reserved for Royalty only? That meant anyone found wearing this colour could be punished by death! How about the fact that there was no toilet in the theatre…so a bucket was passed around. Urgh! Have you ever thought about the word ‘window’? It actually comes from the word ‘wind hole’ – because of the stench of the theatre, those who had more money could pay to sit by the wind holes (holes in the wall) and therefore have some fresh air! Stinky! 

The students also had time to visit the Exhibition where they could see, touch and hear a variety of information: facts about Shakespeare, his life, his work and the London he lived in could all be found. Students had to fill in their booklets for a chance of winning 25 praise points! 

Overall, it was a great day out. Hopefully Year 8 can now use this experience in all of their Shakespeare units!

Miss R Ransom - Head of the English Department

Curriculum Information