Welcome to the Science Department.  The Head of the Science Department is Mrs S Frangou.

The Science Department is situated in both the Kingston and Barossa buildings, having 10 laboratories in Kingston Building and 4 in Barossa building. All laboratories have interactive whiteboards which are used in all lessons and can display a whole range of interactive activities as well as pictures and information.

The Science Department is responsible for teaching all 3 Sciences, which are taught as Science in Key Stage 3.  Specialist teachers are provided at Key Stage 4 for each Science. 

As Collingwood runs an accelerated Science programme, approximately one quarter of students start their GCSEs a year early at the beginning of Year 9. These students have 3 teachers from the beginning of Year 9.  The accelerated students have the option to complete separate Science GCSEs by the end of Year 11.  The standard students in Year 9 do start GCSE work but at a slower pace to facilitate success.

In Year 10 standard students either continue with their 2 GCSEs in Science, or they can choose to do BTEC Applied Science (2 GCSE equivalent).

The 2 GCSEs in Science route is examined at the end of both Year 10 and Year 11 and consists of 25% of each Science: Biology, Chemistry and Physics, and 25% coursework each year.  The new syllabus starting from 2012 means that re-sits are complex and the final mark counts.

The BTEC route has just one examination each year which is skills-based, and the rest is coursework. The qualification is equivalent to 2 GCSEs Grade C or above.

We strive to engage and motivate the students.  We track their progress in detail and offer support whenever appropriate.

The GCSEs are from the AQA Examination Board and the BTEC course is offered by Edexcel.