Head of Department: Miss R Ransom


The overriding aim of the English Department at Collingwood is to enable students to develop to the full their ability to use and understand English.  Since English is both spoken and written, this means the most rigorous development of skills in speaking and listening, reading and writing. The English Department is passionate about their subject and constantly strive to produce engaging, challenging and interesting lessons.

Facilities and Resources: 

In Year 7, information handling skills are reinforced through introductory literacy courses in the Library.  It is the Department’s goal to ensure that all students develop their reading skills, even those for whom reading is not a pleasure!  Reviews of personal reading are written each term, and a record of reading kept.  Films, radio and television programmes are discussed as part of the English course.  The use of ICT in English enables students to learn how to research, as well as how to edit and arrange material appropriately.  The use of computers and in particular, our laptop trolley, improves motor skills and extends opportunities for the development and reflection of ideas such as designing, outlining and restructuring, as well as giving students the opportunity to access information via CD Rom and the Internet.  We have interactive whiteboards installed in all of the classrooms which promotes interactivity and engaging lesson opportunities for all students.  

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